This is the best privately owned Music Store I know of still going strong with old school cool vibe and friendship. Expert experience and advice and often selling quality way under retail price. Big Range good service and back up all too cheap to beat. The guitar selection is stunning the decor vintage. The owner is passionate about musicians performing to the best and often assists with tricky purchase decisions by being overly generous. You'll leave Guilty as hell

Tim Jardine,

Honestly from the get go Music machine was a breeze to deal with, great customer service and super fast shipping. Would definitely buy from them again and would suggest everyone else do the same.

Josh Brons,

When I was buying my amp and mic I needed something a little different. Richie hooked me up and was kind and personable really taking care and spending time to make sure I got the right gear. His whole crew are great!

Larisa Kellett,

Bought my 000-17sm off these guys (sight unseen), fantastic guitar, great deal. Amazing with communication and excellent customer service. Id be glad to do business again, we need mom n pop stores like these to flourish, thanks so much guys!

Matt Ragunathan ,